X-PLOSIVE Speed Training Kit/Overload Running Resistance & Release/Harness & Resistance Band, Speed and Agility Equipment for Sprint and Football, Basketball, Soccer/Youth and Adult Ready



Brand: XCELER8 Athletics

Color: Black/Orange


  • GET FASTER: Your speed training kit provides running resistance using speed training harness along with bullet-proof resistance strap to build up power that is instantly released to recruit more muscle fibers for greater leg drive and stride length, giving you increased speed in less time
  • GET QUICKER: When released from dynamic resistance, your body awareness is conditioned to generate greater ground foot strikes, key to generating the power needed to boost first-step quickness and enhance rapid acceleration.
  • 360-DEGREE TRAINING: Because athletic movements are not one-dimensional, XCELER8 designed your agility training harness with a rugged sliding ring along with multiple D-Rings attachment points so you can train in any direction, for an agility trainer built for real-world moves for football, soccer and basketball, giving your body new levels of game-saving agility
  • TRAIN EASILY: Simply wrap and fasten the Athlete Belt around your waist. Attach the Partner Strap and you’re ready to train. The speed training harness’ double buckle design and premium Velcro will comfortably fit youth and adult athletes, and when loosened you will be able to easily step in and out of the belt between uses
  • SPEED-X TRAINING | 1-YEAR WARRANTY: Developed by professional athletes and along with professional speed and agility trainers, our SPEED-X DRILL SERIES (included in a PDF booklet and an online training video series), to enhance your speed and agility training. All parts are covered by a 12-month warranty; message us for details.

Package Dimensions: 81x278x821



Athletes and sports professionals report that they’re generating more power and speed in their critical sports movements by using the X-PLOSIVE Speed Training Kit. This sprint and agility trainer uses innovative dynamic resistance along with a smooth release system to increase your athletic performance in less time.

Using our patented Quick System Release technology, your body builds power using the speed resistance bands which then instantly release, giving your lower body instant feedback to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers. This speed and agility training pushes your body to perform more efficiently, with superior form and maximized force production.


✔ Athlete Belt (Free Motion 360° O-Ring)

✔ Partner Strap (Anchor, Recoil Band, and Release Strap)

✔ Vented Carrying Bag

✔ SPEED-X Training Guide and Online Video Series

✔ 12-Month Warranty

But don’t take our word for it…

Unpack your own X-PLOSIVE Speed Training Kit and enjoy new levels of explosive quickness, acceleration, top-end sprint speed and agility in any direction.

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