Quality Agility Ladder Set Train for Better Speed & Health Ideal Fitness Exercise Equipment for Sports. Comes With Cones, Drill Chart & Bag. Perfect for Baseball Basketball Lacrosse Soccer Tennis.



Brand: Under-Down Action

Color: Orange


  • ✔️ 100+ AGILITY EXERCISES WITH ONE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT: The drill chart in the carry bag will get your program underway.
  • ✔️ TRAIN UP YOUR FITNESS: Can be used on all surfaces to improve your speed; and health the agility ladder has four pegs to hold it down
  • ✔️ GET YOUR WORKOUT STARTED NOW: The pro speed ladder rungs come spaced out for your convenience without having to adjust it
  • ✔️ GET MORE FROM YOUR TRAINING: Kit is made from high endurance materials; twelve rungs – twenty-feet long and twelve cones
  • ✔️ REACH YOUR GOALS WITHOUT WORRY – 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, our Sport Ladder has a thirty day money back guarantee

Package Dimensions: 102x432x1157

Details: Have you used an Exercise Ladder before? One which improves your speed, agility and balance and which can be used outdoors or indoors for personal training, group and training to improve your footwork. Once you’ve started training, you’ll find it hard to stop as you can feel your fitness improving.
Improve your skills for your favorite sport; jump, run, hop with our pre-designed agility ladder drill set. Upgrade your fitness with this Agility Ladder by Under-Down
In each bag you will find:
A twenty-food ladder which already has the rungs spaced out (each ladder has twelve rungs)
Twelve Cones to give more variety in your exercises
A double – sided ladder drill workout chart to get you going (and more exercises are listed on our website)
Four Pegs to hold the ladder down when you do your training on soft outdoor surfaces.
A carry bag to store your equipment in.

heavy duty and durable straps can be adjusted for indoor and outdoor use so you can get the most out of your training.

The training is perfect for a
wide range of sports, warm – ups, personal training, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, AFL, Tennis, Lacrosse, Softball and any other sport where you need to
improve your speed.

Who can benefit from a ladder?

Individuals, Men, Women, Kids, Sport Teams who would like to improve their foot speed, fitness and general health.

Quality Agility Ladder and Cones

You will never want to be without the
Agility Ladder again don’t delay, buy today! Take advantage of our special offer. It makes an ideal gift for the Athletes among you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, our Agility Ladder is backed by our manufacturer thirty day money back guarantee and a one year replacement guarantee in case of a malfunction
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