Perfect Swings USA Swing Path Trainer - Baseball & Softball Training Equipment - The Newest Revolution in Batting Tee’s



Brand: Perfect Swings USA


  • CONSISTENCY: The Swing Path Trainer forces you to swing correctly, allowing you to consistently practice the optimal swing for all pitch locations. Our Dry Swing tee topper allows you to quickly take a high volume of swings, ensuring that they are correct swings. Great for the on-deck circle during batting practice.
  • MUSCLE MEMORY: By repeating the correct swing movements during practice, your muscle memory will take over in the game, making correct swings very natural
  • STAY ON PLANE LONGER: The Swing Path Trainer forces your bat to be on plane with the ball through the strike zone ensuring more consistent contact and improved exit velocity.
  • FASTER BAT SPEED AND REDUCED MISSED SWINGS: By performing correct swings, you will naturally see increased bat speeds resulting in harder hit balls. Remaining on-plane with the ball longer, increases the chances of making contact whether you are early, late, or on-time.
  • MANY TOOLS IN 1: Works for Baseball and Softball. Accessories include a dry swing tee topper and an optional Mini tee topper for Mini Training Balls

Package Dimensions: 122x889x8550

Details: The Perfect Swings USA Swing Path Trainer increases your chances of making contact with the ball by forcing you to have the correct bat angle through the hitting zone at all pitch locations. The Swing Path Trainer helps improve the batter’s swing consistency by training muscle memory through the repetition of correct swing movements. This self-coaching baseball and softball training equipment helps players stay in the hitting zone longer, stay on plane with the ball longer, and reduces the chances of swinging and missing. Includes the ball tee tee topper (baseball and softball) and dry swing tee topper.