Ledgital Large Interval Gym Clock for Workouts Size 20x4.7in. Operated by Remote Control



Brand: Ledgital

Color: Red


  • 3″ High Digit Interval Timer help you track your daily workouts with various features. No matter you just want a tabata, or harder FGB, Even for your crossfit training or MMA, Boxing and more, this gym timer will keep you on track!
  • Quick accessible clicks and storage shortcut keys save your time on your training. You can just click once on your remote to access the training mode you need, like TABATA, FGB, Stopwatch or your customized interval timing;
  • Customizing personal workout & rest is the unique feature for this workout clock. You can program up to 10 groups with 9 intervals under each group and you can set up to 99 rounds for each interval;
  • Other functions available are clock(H1 is 24 hour display time in hours minutes; H2 is 12 hour time display format), Stopwatch(Start from 00:00:00 till 99:59:00), Countdown(dn XX:XX, in minutes seconds), Count up(UP XX:XX, in minutes seconds. Need to pre-set a stop time, start to count from 00:00);
  • IR remote control operation, Aluminum alloy product housing, ultra bright LED segment for indoor use ONLY, 10 years life span—Just buy with confidence!

Package Dimensions: 132x775x1610

Details: Functions

1. Clock — When this timer is plugged in, it displays clock function. You can use this timer as a regular clock to read time. It displays time in mode of H1 XX:XX or H2 XX:XX. H1 stands for 24 hour time display format and H2 stands for 12 hour time display format. You can easily switch the two different display format by 24 Hour and 12 Hour key on remote control. Also easy to adjust time by clicking edit key and input the right time. One more click on OK key, it’s done!

2. Count up — Simply click UP button on remote, you can enter count up function. Count up always starts from 00:00 in minutes seconds and stop at the time you pre-set. If you just leave it, it will stop at UP 99:59;

3. Countdown — Always stop at 00:00(if you don’t pause it). But you program any time between 99:59 and 00:00 to run a countdown. Also click Down on remote control to enter this function;

4. Stopwatch — Click on stopwatch icon on remote control to enter stopwatch function. It will read 00 00:00; Just click start, it will go up with minutes seconds and hundreds of a seconds;

5. Tabata — A pre-set function for 20 secs training and 10 secs rest. You can also customize your own tabata. Just click Tabata key and start key to run this function;

6. FGB — There are two FGBs: 5 mins work 1 minute rest with 5 rounds(FGB1) and 3 mints work 1 minute rest with 3 rounds(FGB2). Click on FGB key, the timer will read “1 — — “, (means FGB1), then a second later it will display F1 05 00, click start to run. Click FGB key again, it will display “2 — –“, this is FGB2.

7. Customize own interval timing —This is the most interesting and useful part for your fitness interval timing. It is allowed to program up to 10 groups and 9 work and rest in each group. You can even set up to 99 rounds for each workout & rest.

UPC: 673257102850