Hitting Knob - 8 oz Youth (Non-Wood Bat). A Baseball & Softball Swing Training Bat Weight. Attaches to Knob End of Bat, Little League & High School Practice Equipment. Increase Power & Bat Speed.



Brand: Hitting Knob


  • INCREASE YOUR BAT SPEED & HITTING POWER: The most revolutionary baseball & softball hitting training aid is here! The Hitting Knob bat weight allows the player to learn proper swing mechanics leading to increased power, bat speed + contact with the ball. Using this tool will force the hitter to keep hands inside the ball, guiding the barrel on the right path to unload through the zone. This compact device increases batting average and slugging percentage, taking your game to new levels.
  • ATTACH THE WEIGHT TO THE END OF THE KNOB: Place The Hitting Knob on the ground & insert knob end of the bat into the opening. Using your body weight, press down with both hands on the top of the barrel to lock the weight onto the knob. You will hear a “click” once engaged. Execute a normal swing & feel the weight keep your hands inside the ball. To disengage, place knob end of the bat on the ground & repeat the process used to engage the device. You will hear a “click” once disengaged.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE: By adding weight to the knob end of the bat opposed to the barrel it decreases the moment of inertia, which increases your bat speed. This weight placement allows the bat to get into the proper position in order to maximize angular velocity as the bat travels through the swing zone. In addition, this counter weight effect results in the priming of your white fast twitch muscle fibers, which is essential to increasing bat speed.
  • ATTACHES TO ALL BATS: Use on any bat including aluminum, composite, hybrid or wood. See the sizing chart image for the recommended Hitting Knob weight. From softball to baseball, The Hitting Knob works best for ages 8 & up at any level of play from youth to Major Leagues.
  • USE FOR ANY TYPE OF OFFENSIVE TRAINING OR DRILL: The Hitting Knob can be used in every aspect of offensive training including the on deck circle, tee work, soft toss, cage work, slow pitch and fast pitch. To maximize training, use this tool during live batting practice, which simulates the most authentic hitting experience –  the body and mind react differently to a ball in motion.

Package Dimensions: 108x124x474

Details: CASE STUDY: A study was conducted by a high school hitting coach to understand the impact Hitting Knob has on batters. Hitting data was collected over the course of 12 weeks for 15 players.For 10 weeks, swing velocity in MPH, time to contact & attack angle were recorded without the use of the Hitting Knob. The players then started using the Hitting Knob full time for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks the Hitting Knob was removed and data was again collected for 10 weeks to measure improvement. The results were impressive, 13 out of 15 players increased swing velocity & time to contact, & 14 out of 15 increased attack angle. MLB PLAYERS & THE HITTING KNOB: Christian Vazquez, a professional baseball player, improved his batting average from .227 to .290 in 2017 using the Hitting Knob; a significant jump for a pro player.“I was introduced to The Hitting Knob during Spring Training and it has become part of my everyday training routine. With the weight being on the knob of the bat it consistently forces me to keep my hands inside the ball, which trains my swing to get on the right path early on and unload the barrel through the zone.” – Christian Vazquez BACKED BY D1 COLLEGES: “The Hitting Knob puts the weight in a place on a bat where it makes the hitter understand the feeling of the barrel releasing at the last second. The fact that you can not only take dry swings but also use it for the drills when the ball is in flight and have it feel right is something that I believe is a game changer.” – Brad Macelino, University of San Diego Baseball Hitting Coach“The Hitting Knob has been huge in the development of our hitters. We regularly use the Hitting Knob to help hitters strengthen their swing and help feel the different adjustments to improve hitting mechanics. Nothing is as effective as the Hitting Knob!” – JT Gasso, 2017 National Champions University of Oklahoma Softball Hitting Coach

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