GoSports Padded Blocking Guards - 2 Pack, Great Defender Simulation for Martial Arts & Sports Training (Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, MMA and More)



Brand: GoSports

Color: Black


  • VERSATILE TOOL: Heavy-duty padded poles simulate defenders for a variety of drills across all major sports and martial arts
  • OPTIMIZE TRAINING: Allows coaches to improve player technique without having to jump, lunge or bend over
  • PADDED DESIGN: Made from robust padded foam with padding on the handles for superior grip, control and comfort during training; Inner high-density foam minimizes impact and outer composite leather surface is tear proof, sweat proof and water proof
  • ALL AGES & ABILITIES: Perfect training aid for athletes of various skill levels – youth, middle school, high school and college athletes
  • VERSATILE SIZE: Each blocking guard is 2.5 ft in length and features thick foam guards that are 5 in wide

Package Dimensions: 140x838x1656

Details: The GoSports Blocking Guards are designed for simulating defenders in a variety of sports and martial arts training drills. The heavy-duty padded guards are 2.5 ft in length with a 5 in wide foam core at the end of each stick. The handles are padded foam for extra grip and comfort for trainers and coaches. With the blocking guards now trainers can practice with athletes without having to over extend in movements like jumping, lunging and bending. The blocking guards will absorb impact from all ages and skill levels so athletes of all major sports can train safely.

UPC: 815898023907