Fielder's Dome Mat - Baseball and Softball Practice Training Equipment for Improved Fielding, Catching, Agility, Hand-Eye Coordination, Focus and Reaction Sports Speed Skills Development.



Brand: Fielder’s Dome Mats


  • Quickly improve your fundamental skills of reaction time, hand-eye coordination, agility, and anticipation. Skills that are fundamental to being a great fielder. The mat is for all fielders and catchers in baseball or softball. It can also be used for football skill position players using a softball to catch with either hand
  • Ball deflects off the domes randomly as they are rolled across it; 30 % of rolls pass through providing more unpredictability. Can be used in multiple player team drills or individually
  • Perfect for T-ball, Little League, and high school level baseball. Ideal for 6u, 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u and 18u softball. Can be used at home with parents or teammates. Great for coaches who want to develop these important skills in a short amount of time during practice
  • Replaces the old antiquated methods used with objects to improve these skill sets. Incredible performance on artificial turf, manicured natural turf, concrete, or infield clay
  • Mat is constructed of durable plastic with rubber domes. Once domes are correctly inserted, they stay in place. Compact, effective, and travel friendly. Approximately 33.5″ long x 14.5″ wide x 1.75″ high
  • Easy to assemble. Yellow domes must be inserted into the holes of the mat. Balls are not included

Package Dimensions: 63x914x1315

Details: What is the purpose of The Fielder’s Dome Mat? The Fielder’s Dome Mat acts as a training aid for both baseball and softball players of all levels and ages. Its purpose is to increase hand-eye coordination, lateral movement and reaction time for any player at any position! Players can train using a glove or bare hands. 15-20 balls per minute can be rolled to the player. Within just 5 minutes, a player can receive field training of almost 100 repetitions. Where can you use it? The Fielder’s Dome Mat works on any flat surface: clay, natural grass, artificial turf, asphalt and concrete. It can be used at home with parents rolling the balls to their kids or with a coach or partner at team practices. The Fielder’s Dome Mat is also excellent for northern regions in the winter! It can be used indoors, in garages, basements or training facilities. This keeps fielders in good practice all year round.

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