Athletivi Speed & Agility Training Set - Ladder Kit with Fixed-Rungs, Cones, and Resistance Parachute Improves Coordination and Speed. Set for Football, Soccer, Fitness Workout Athletes.



Brand: Athletivi

Color: Orange


  • A MUST-HAVE FOOTBALL TRAINING EQUIPMENT SET – 18ft PREMIUM Ladder with fixed rungs, 4 metal ground anchors, 10 high-grade agility cones, 1 running parachute, 2 double-sided chart drills, jump rope, 5 resistance bands, 1 carry bag. Bonus: 2 E-books.
  • EASY TO USE and NO SLIDING RUNGS – with Our quick set-up fixed-rung ladders spend time on your training, not on spacing rungs. You can train at home, in the backyard, at the stadium, in the park, in the gym, and anywhere else you would like.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE – our PREMIUM GEAR is designed to meet everyone’s necessities, whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner, sports players, youth, kids, and all who want to gain speed, agility, coordination, endurance & reaction.
  • AWAKE YOUR POTENTIAL – Get to the peak performance with a combination of speed ladder to gain body control and rhythm, cones to develop coordination, and parachute to increase resistance and sprint. Use it regularly and see the results quickly.
  • ENHANCE YOUR HEALTH – to stay healthy is essential, agility equipment will help you stay fit, tone your body, improve cardio, burn calories, prevent injuries, give you power and strength, and boost your mental focus and alertness!

Package Dimensions: 121x452x1731

Details: Awake a Spirit of Warrior, and bring Your Skills to New Heights!
Agility Ladder is widely used for indoor & outdoor sports and workout exercises by athletes, sports players,
tennis, soccer, football, baseball, basketball teams, gyms, CrossFit, military training, and any sport requiring physical endurance and mental alertness.
Gain advantage and competitiveness with agility speed training equipment.
1 18FT PREMIUM LADDER – with 12 fixed-rungs(focus on training, not on spacing rungs).
4 METAL ANCHORS – to secure the ladder when training outside.
10 AGILITY FOOTWORK CONES – to improve nimbleness, dribbling, and control.
1 RUNNING PARACHUTE – to increase Your speed & resistance.
2 DOUBLE-SIDED DRILL CHARTS – including 12 ladder drills, 6 cones Drills, 6 resistance bands exercises, to guide you on how to exercise.
1 SPEED JUMP ROPE to strengthen feet & ankles.
5 RESISTANCE BANDS to tone your core and decrease pain.
1 CARRY BAG to store and handle Your set.
2 EBOOKS BONUS with 20 Ladder Drills and 15 Cones Drills.
Athletivi Agility Ladder Set is designed to meet everyone’s necessities, whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner.

Who wants to gain endurance, speed, quickness, and power!
Who wants to improve balance, lose weight, and get fit!
It’s a must-have trainer for athletes to improve their cardio and resistance.
Ideal for kids who want to gain an advantage over their teammates.
Perfect for families and their kids to sustain a healthy life.
An absolute necessity for the elderly to keep their bodies toned and healthy.